ACEF Branches

Within a few months of its establishment, this typically not-for-profit outfit has received more than 600 members and volunteers cut across 20 countries in Africa. From its Headquarters in Limbe-Cameroon, ACEF has spread her tentacles to Nigeria, Kenya, DR Congo, Côte d'voire, Benin, Ghana, Tanzania, Botswana, Sierra Leone, Somaliland, Uganda, Zambia, Niger as well as to several other African countries.

ACEF is typically a youth-driven organization and it's spread across Africa has proven its acceptance by passionate and enlightened African youths who are bent in their irrevocable task of changing the narrative in the African continent. It's time to stop talking the talk... It's time to take action.

This is the first time African youths from different professional and educational backgrounds voluntarily converge to address issues relating to climate change, irrespective of religion, nation or ethnicity. ACEF is that one umbrella under which these youths seek to address the key issues keeping Africa in a situation of 'lifesupport'.

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